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Dice by Wyrmwood

Created by Wyrmwood

Your Choice of Four Materials: RESIN, GEMSTONE, GLASS, WOOD In ANY material, you can pledge for a single d20, a full set of 7 polyhedrals, or an extra 3d6! And ALL dice are available with standard, traditional numbering or our new, innovative HIGH VARIANCE numbering system, designed to push your rolls - and games - to extremes! See the numbering charts in any product listing below for details. Dice Vaults and Tabletop Vaults are also available to complete your set - pre-order now! Note: Pre-orders to begin fulfillment in February 2021. Pre-orders containing WOOD Dice to begin fulfillment in May/June 2021.

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Dice by Wyrmwood: Designer Dice & Vaults

Dice by Wyrmwood: Gemstone Dice

Dice by Wyrmwood: Glass Dice

Dice by Wyrmwood: Resin Dice

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The Finishing Touch: Dice Vaults & Tabletop Vaults